Live Animal Trade

Live animal trade is done for the purpose of supplying commercial zoos, sanctuaries, farms, and breeding for export as well as for house pets.  The Wildlife Conservation Act, No.5 of 2009 regulates the live animal trade through issuance of a Trophy Dealers License (TDL) and allocation of animal quota.  The trade is also conducted by observing the rules of international treaties that we are a party such as: the Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna, IATA, and Convention on Migratory Wild Animal Species.

Conditions for dealing in live animal trade

In dealing in live animal trade the dealer must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Registered company in Tanzania;
  • Possess an appropriate holding ground for captured animals;
  • Possess an appropriate capture gear and facilities;
  • Possess a valid license and capture identity card;
  • Acquire capture permit before carrying animal capture;
  • Subject all animals to health inspection before export;
  • Obtain appropriate export permit (CITES Permit and Trophy Export Certificate)
  • Abide to international treaties such as CITES and IATA.

How to apply for a Trophy Dealers License (TDL)

  • Applicant must be a citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania
  • Applicants submit application forms to the Director of wildlife through District Game Officers (DGOs) in the period between October and November each year.
  • All applications are scrutinized by a special committee.
  • The applicants are informed about the results in January each year.
  • Successful applicants are issued with licence upon payment of Trophy Dealer Licence fee.

Procedure for animals capture and export

  • Trophy dealers are issued with animal quota annually which is set based on the scientific information
  • The trophy dealers are issued with capture permits specifying type and number of animal species, location and the amount paid for each animal.
  • Capturing process is supervised by the respective District Game Officers.
  • Ownership Certificates are issued to trophy dealers indicating type and number of species, capture permit number, date and place of issuance.
  • Physical inspection is conducted in holding grounds and quarantine stations before issuance of export permit to verify type and number of animal species as related to Ownership Certificate and other relevant documents.
  • Animals are also inspected at the exit points (airport and harbors) before export.