Wildlife Division: Biharamulo Game Reserve

Biharamulo Game Reserve

Biharamulo Game Reserve was gazetted in 1959. The reserve is situated in Kagera region in the North Western part of Tanzania and covers an area of 1,300 km2.

The reserve forms a single ecosystem with Burigi and Kimisi Game reserves. It also forms part of the northern limit of miombo woodland in Africa, supporting a great diversity of vegetation type including forest, thickets, woodlands, bushlands, grasslands and swamps.

Temperature in the reserve ranges from 16 – 28oC.  Annual average rainfall varies from 700mm to 1000mm. Two rainfall peaks occur in November to December and March to April with a dry period from June to September. Dry season is the best time to visit the reserve.

Tree species that can be found in the reserve include commiphora jubernadia, Branchstegia spp, Acacia sieberiana, Acacia Senegal Mark-hamia obtusifolia and Balanites aegyptica.
Animal species found in Biharamulo Game Reserve include Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Eland, Lesser Kudu, Impala, Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Zebra, Roan antelope, Sitatunga, Sable, Aardvark and Red colobus Monkey. Bird species found in the area include Marabou stork, Hornbill and Guinea fowls.

The reserve can easily be accessed by chartered flight, schedule flight and road using Four wheel car.