Wildlife Division: Mode of Operations

Mode of Operations

Anti-poaching operations are conducted in and outside Protected Areas. The Unit operates in three ways which are complementary to each other. These are Intelligence, Operations and prosecution.


The Unit has well established informer network emanating from its eight zones to the department level. The informer network is constituted by Wildlife officials, village game scout, villagers and other good Samaritans of wildlife conservation.


Routine patrols are carried out by wildlife staff deployed in their respective zones and game reserves. Wildlife division in collaboration with other conservation agencies such as Tanzania Nanional Pari, Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority and District councils as well as Tourist hunting Companies carry out ant poaching operations.

Special patrols are occasionally conducted to address acute poaching by combining forces from different zones, aforementioned agencies, and police. Trans boundary collaboration is done in combating wildlife poaching to areas beyond our National boundaries by deploying forces from wildlife authority of Affected Nations.

Other field operations include surveillance to hunting, capturing, photographing safaris activities and regular inspections to holding grounds, farms, ranches, and exit points.